Donate your vehicle to help support APL’s programs and services. Your car, boat, RV or motorcycle will benefit our 4-legged friends, whether it’s in working condition or not.  The money from the sale of your vehicle will go towards spay and neuter surgeries, and funding programs that support the animals at Stockton Animal Shelter. After you donate your car, you will receive a vehicle donation tax write-off for your charitable contribution to Animal Protection League, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. APL collaborates with our trusted vehicle donation partner, InterActive Remarketing, to make the process of donating your car quick, and easy. We accept vehicles of all types; we can accept your car, truck, tractor, scooter, boat, jet ski… you might be surprised! 

Your vehicle doesn’t have to be in working condition, but if it is, the animals will benefit even more.  Interactiv Remarketing does a fabulous job reselling all types of vehicles, and increasing resale value as much as possible.  

Instead of scrapping your old vehicle, consider donating it to Animal Protection League, where your old vehicle will give helpless animals a new chance at life.  

  • Get a tax deduction
  • Save helpless animals
  • Get that old vehicle out of your yard or driveway
  • We’ll take your vehicle, working or not
  • No registration, No problem… we go the extra mile
  • It’s Super easy to be a Super Hero!
  • If in doubt, call us:  (800) 484-4125

Donate online with our partners at Interactiv Remarketing
Or click to call NOW!
(800) 484-4125

Create a Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook fundraising is a great way to connect your friends to Animal Protection League and build awareness for the dogs and cats at Stockton Animal Shelter. Do it to celebrate your birthday, or any special day. It’s easy to do!

  • Facebook covers all processing fees. 
  • 100% of every donation is sent directly to APL. 
  • Facebook sends your donors a confirmation of their donation, stating that their donation is a charitable contribution.
  • It only takes about 5 minutes to set up. Just click the Fundraisers button under the Explore section, and Facebook will guide you through the process. 
  • Call our office if you need personal assistance:  (209)949-2100

Create Your Own Fundraiser

Got a great idea for a fundraiser benefitting APL? Contact us to discuss partnership opportunities. When we work together, everybody wins! Call or email:, (209)271-0225

Previous Fundraising Events

Whirlow’s and Taps

1926 N. Pacific Ave.
Stockton, CA

Whirlow’s hosted a Halloween “Person and Pet Costume Contest”. Awards were given for Best Costume and Most Original Costume. It was a fun time for all, and pup lovers had a great time socializing, and showing off their fur babies. Proceeds were donated to APL. 

Couple with dog at Halloween event.

Chase Chevrolet

6441 Holman Rd.
Stockton, CA

Chase Chevrolet wanted to show their support for APL, and our furry friends. Together we decided on an event that would feature their pre-owned vehicles, and (pre-owned) adoptable dogs. It was called the 4-Legged Drive. Stockton Animal Shelter’s adoptable dogs got some exposure, and Chase Chevrolet did too! APL received a portion of each vehicle sale.