Social media is one of the fastest ways to get word out that your pet is lost. Keep reading for tips for your Social Media post and a list of Facebook groups to use maximize your chances of finding your pet. To download a printable PDF of the following information click here.

Tips for Your Social Media Post

A well-designed post will be shared more and hopefully get your pet found! Remember that social media is just one of many tools that you should use to find a lost pet. Follow the 9 Steps for an effective post below:

1. Post the town, state, and nearest crossroads where pet was last seen. Your social media post may travel far and wide. When people see a lost pet from their area, they’re more likely to read and remember your post. 

2. Post a good quality picture of your pet, or post several photos to give a good idea of what your pet looks like. i.e. markings, size, color.

3. Include a contact phone number that people can call if your pet is spotted, or found.

4. Make sure your post is public! Check your post settings and make sure your friends will be able to share it. The more people that see it, the better the odds that your pet will be found. 

5. Include the last date your pet was seen.

6. Include the approximate size and weightof your pet.

7. Include the gender. Is it a female/male and neutered/unaltered?

8. Include info about your pet’s temperament. Is it skittish, fearful, or friendly?

9. Post updates if/when the animal is spotted.

Please delete your post if/when your pet is found. This keeps pages uncluttered for other people that are searching for their lost pets.

Facebook Groups in the San Joaquin County Area

There are already numerous Facebook groups set in place to help people reunite with their lost pets. Please use the following list below to help you find your pet.

209 Pets Lost and Found Report

Pet Patrol 209

209 Lost ‘N Found Pets

Stockton CA – Lost Dogs Cats & Pets

Lost and Found Pets 209

Central Valley Lost & Found Pets (Modesto, Ceres, Stockton, Fresno, Turlock)

Linden Neighborhood Pet Rescue

Lathrop Animal Lost/Found/Rescue

Friends of Manteca Animal Control

Lost and Found Pets of Manteca, CA

Lodi Animal Lost and Found

Galt Animal Lost and Found

Tracy Lost and Found Pets

209 Lost & Found in Lockeford & Acampo & Surrounding Areas

Lockeford Community 411

Acampo Lost and Found

Ripon Police Lost and Found

Ripon CA Lost and Found Pets

Midtown Stockton CA

Mountain House Lost & Found Pets


Rehoming Pets and Lost and Found for Lathrop/Manteca

Woodbridge/Acampo Community

Pets of Weston Ranch

Burson Neighbors

Stockton Crime News and Information #SCNI

Lost/Found/Rehoming Animals and related for Manteca & Surrounding

National Websites

Center for Lost Pets |

Pet Harbor |

Lost My Doggie |

Nextdoor |

Craigslist |

Fido Finder |

Lost Dogs of America |

Lost Pet USA |

Missing Pet Partnership |

Finding Rover |

To download a printable PDF of this information, please click here.