APL Microchip Events

A microchip is your pet’s best way home! APL hosts free microchip events throughout the year, and Stockton Animal Services will chip your pet, on a walk-in basis, for just $5. Together we can to keep them out of the shelter, and safe at home.

Every pet should be microchipped, and the chip must be registered with current information. A microchip is useless if it’s not registered! All brands of microchips can be registered with Michelson Found Animals visit www.foundanimals.org to register your pet, at no cost to you!

  • Check your pet’s microchip yearly.  It is possible for a chip to slip out, or malfunction (your veterinarian should check every time you visit).
  • If you’ve lost track of the I.D. number, you can bring your pet to Stockton Animal Shelter and ask for a microchip check.
  • Get a $5 microchip at Stockton Animal Shelter, during business hours, on a walk-in basis, or ask your veterinarian. 
  • Come to an APL microchip event, and have your pet microchipped FREE of charge. Check our calendar for APL’s next microchip event, or sign up for email to be notified.