Feral Cat Program TNR (Trap/Neuter/Release)

Any cat that comes into Stockton Animal Shelter, that is over 4mo. old, and in good health, will be sterilized, vaccinated, and placed back in its original location. Feral cats will not be microchipped. They will have one ear “tipped” to indicate that they have been sterilized. 

Studies have shown that removing feral cats from their original locations does not decrease the number of cats in the area, and may in fact, invite repopulation. Here’s what AlleyCat.Org has to say:

“A habitat will support a population of a certain size. No matter how many animals are removed, if the resources remain, the population will eventually recover. Any cats remaining after a catch and kill effort will produce more kittens and at a higher survival rate, filling the habitat to capacity. As one study found, ‘populations greatly reduced by culling are likely to rebound quickly.’ Over time, the number of cats in an area where a feral cat colony has been killed or relocated will simply recover an return to its original size.”

Visit www.AlleyCat.Org for more information.

To trap & spay/neuter feral cats in the San Joaquin County area contact:
ACT Spay/Neuter Clinic
327 E. Alpine Ave.
Stockton CA 95204
(209) 462-SPAY