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Animal Protection League is a 501(c)3 nonprofit volunteer organization founded in 1996 to aid stray and abandoned animals at the San Joaquin County/City of Stockton Animal Shelter. We pull animals from the shelter for foster, adoption and rescue efforts. In order to save as many animals as possible, we work with rescue organizations in California, Oregon and Washington. Our services and programs are made available through fundraising, donations and grants.

In an effort to reduce pet overpopulation APL has performed feral cat spay/neuter clinics since December of 2008. Targeted spay/neuter efforts began in March 2010 for areas in the community with the highest intake numbers at the shelter. Both these campaigns have been funded through grants from PetSmart Charities™. APL will continue to seek funds, donations, and grants to be used to fulfill the following goals.
  • Increase adoptions of animals into responsible, humane environments
  • Increase redemption rates so more owners find their lost pets
  • Reduce the amount of homeless pit bulls in our community through targeted spay/neuter programs
  • Reduce the population of feral cats in our community through targeted spay/neuter programs
  • Educate the public in animal responsibility
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Jackie Ronzone


As President of Animal Protection League Jackie has had the privilege to lead the Board of Directors, plan meetings, network in our community and be responsible for financial reporting.

She is currently also employed by The American Cancer Society as the manager of The Stockton Discovery Shop that recruits donations from the community and sells gently used clothing, furniture and home décor to benefits their programs.

Jackie started the Bow Wow Meow event 10 years ago, which involved the American Cancer Society and the Animal Protection League (formerly the Stockton Animal Shelter Friends) because she believes that pets are natural healers and can make a difference for patients.

Since Jackie was very young, a Saturday with her grandfather always included a visit to the shelter in Oakland, where she developed her passion for animals and was hooked! She currently lives in Stockton with her husband of 40 years and their "furry and feathered family" as she puts it.

Jackie's passions include spending time with family, gardening, and helping the Animal Protection League with their mission.

Phillip Zimmerman

Ex-Officio Board Member

Phillip is the Director of the Stockton Animal Shelter and has been the director of the Shelter since January 1,2015. Prior to that he was a 9-1-1 Stockton police dispatcher and supervisor for almost 17 years. Phillip has a BS degree from California State University, Stanislaus in Social Science with concentrations in Psychology, Sociology and Communications.

Phillip is passionate about improving the lives of animals in Stockton and San Joaquin County. Since starting at the Stockton Animal Shelter, Phillip has worked closely with the Animal Protection League to assist the Stockton Animal Shelter animals and the community members it serves.

Phillip enjoys spending time with family and friends while traveling in their recreational vehicles. Phillip and his family have 4 dogs, including a Chihuahua “Chloe” who he adopted from the Stockton Animal Shelter. Phillip’s home is quite often blessed with Shelter foster animals before finding their new homes.

Barbara Hovey

Vice President

Barbara is currently the Vice President of the Animal Protection League. She works for AT&T and has for 20 years. In her current role, Barbara is a Technical Sales Specialist that designs data WAN's "Wide Area Network" for various customers in the State of California.

She started volunteering for APL as a result of her son needing to do Community Service for high school. Four years later, she, her husband, and son are stilling volunteering! It has become a passion for the entire family. They enjoy loading the dogs at the shelter every weekend and working the offsite adoptions events. She and her family also enjoy fostering mama cats with their newborn kittens for the Stockton Animal Shelter.

For the little girl that wanted to be a veterinarian while growing up, volunteering and making the difference in the lives of dogs and cats at the shelter has been very gratifying and addicting.

She enjoys spending time with her family and friends (especially her animal friends that share her passion). She has several dogs and cats that she adds "live better than some people" and, that in fact, think they are people:)

Barbara Gazley

Board Member

Barbara has been a Bark Busters dog trainer for over 10 years, having worked with a multitude of dogs with a wide range of issues. She has volunteered in the spay-and-neuter clinic at the Stockton Animal Shelter, working in the recovery room.

At this time, Barbara has Lucy, a 13+-year-old yellow Lab, having lost "my guy" (she calls him), Buddy 12-year-old, last September.

Barbara loves to scuba dive when able and is a huge Giants fan. Barbara also became a Certified Tourism Ambassador 2 months ago, learning a lot about the city where she was born and raised, and is loving becoming a part of this great community.

One of things that gives her much joy, is getting a call to work with a family with an adopted dog, who has come from an APL adoption event or the shelter. Last fall she met a brown border collie that Steve Komure had at Bow Wow Meow and a week later had a lesson with the family who adopted that dog and her
kennel mate, a little pit mix.

Marcia Pothast - Board Member

Marcia currently sits on the Board for the Animal Protection League. She formerly served in roles at APL as the Secretary, Treasurer, and the President. She now currently is in charge of Social Media and Technology for APL. Marcia graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa State University, in Child Development with specialty in handicapped children.

She moved to California and attended a technical school to learn computer programming skills and was hired by Sun-Maid Growers, where she spent 35 years in their IT Department. Having experienced and been a part of the huge shift in technology during her career, Marcia understands and has a developed skillset is the perfect compliment to understand and adapt to the changing technologies required in her role at APL. She is also a member of the Soroptimist International of Lodi group for over 20 years.

Marcia learned about APL when APL moved the Cat Adoption Facility near to where her office was located. She soon became a foster parent to cats and kittens, and continues to this day to foster animals when possible. She retired in 2013 and has 2 wonder Chihuahua mix dogs, Maggie and Mitty. Her love for animals has also made her home for her four cats: Caboose, Huey, Percy, and Smudge who she affectionately deems ”foster failures".

Judith Olson

Board Member

Judith Olson is currently a Board Member of the Animal Protection League. She was born in San Francisco as Judith Erickson, but spent most of her growing up years in Modesto, with her 2 sisters and one brother. Her family was close-knit and did everything together. Judith says she is most proud of her parents' legacy of tremendous love, sacrifice and very hard work ethics.

Judith doesn't recall a time she didn't have a dog or cat, including het brother's pet rat "Little Joe" that lived a long, happy life.

After graduating from Modesto High, she attended Modesto Junior College where I majored in biological science, received my AA Degree, and then furthered my education at Fresno State.

Marriage followed to Lowell Olson, and then came the birth of their son, Dirk. In 1968, the newfound family, with 2 dogs in tow, found ourselves transferred from Lake Tahoe to Stockton (a huge transition indeed).

She secured a position as a secretary in an accounting firm, and found she loved working with figures so much that she enrolled at San Joaquin Delta College, earning an accounting certificate. This led to a 28 year career as an administrative accounting assistant (so much for the biological sciences). Then came 13 years as an accounting technician with San Joaquin County, and retirement in 2010.

Judith joined Animal Protection League in approximately 2002, first as a volunteer, then as Secretary, Vice President, and President. As a current APL Board Member, she is proud to serve all the animals in our community. Saving an animal's life through adoption or rescue, or just giving love and attention to the scared or frightened, are the ultimate

May God bless all His creatures!

Animal Protection League

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